Adams Peak, the mountain with the footprint believed to belong to Lord Buddha and Prophet Adam. It is the second largest mountain in Sri Lanka

5 Tips When Climbing or Trekking on Adams Peak Sri Lanka

Adams peak is a religious/ trekking site in Sri Lanka. It’s one of the largest mountains in Sri Lanka and can be a gruel-some trek, especially for beginners. But the view you get to see on the top is jaw dropping. There is a famous saying that goes “Climb mountains not because the world can see you but because you can see the world” and Adams peak is testimony to this saying. It might not be one of the largest mountains in the world but it overlooks everything around it.Lord Buddha statue Adams Peak

The footprint: The footprint on top of Adams peak is what mainly draws a high number of people. It has a calling to people of different religions. Muslims and Christinas believe that it belongs to Prophet Adam. Budhhists  believe that it belongs to Lord Buddha. Hindus believe that it is Lord Vishnu’s. Who does it really belong to? As a mountain climber I’m not really interested in finding out.

I climbed Adams Peak for the first time on my own, mainly because I was tired of waiting for people to free up time on their busy schedules to come trekking with me, but also because the introvert/ insecure / stubborn person in me wanted to climb the mountain alone.

So these are my 5 tips when climbing/ planning to climb Adam’s Peak.

  1. Traveling from Colombo: The best way to reach Adams Peak is by train (Assuming you are traveling from Colombo). The closest train station to Adams Peak is the Hatton station. There are a couple of trains that leave to Hatton on a daily basis from Colombo Fort which is the main train station in Colombo. You can find out the train timings by checking out this link: Train timings.

    Sri Lanka train to Adams Peak Hatton
    The train ride to Adams Peak is an enjoyable and unique experience as it takes you through Sri Lanka’s hill country
  2. How to reach Adams Peak from Hatton? Once you reach Hatton, you will need to travel to Nallathanniya which is where the trail begins. You can take a bus from Hatton to a place called Maskeliya which is approximately 16 Km from hatton. The bus ride will cost you around 40-50 Rs whereas if you take a taxi it will cost you over Rs. 1500. Besides, you get more than enough buses leaving to Maskeliya from Hatton and buses are a great way to see the beautiful landscape, tea estates and lakes that hatton is famous for. From Maskeliya you will need to take another bus to Nallathanniya which is approximately 15km from Maskeliya and it will cost you around 40-50 Rs. Nallathanniya is a good place to stock up on water and food as it is the closest point to Adams Peak that has shops.Directions to Adams Peak from Hatton town
  3. Trail to the summit of Adams Peak
    Trail to the summit of Adams Peak

    Best time of the year to climb: Since Adams Peak is a Pilgrimage site it is really crowded during the season time, which is from December to April. And truthfully it gets really noisy, polluted and it will take you way longer to climb. I climbed the mountain during the off season so there was barely any people except for the kind hearted environmentalists cleaning up the mess left by all the pilgrims. Trust me, Adams peak is such a beautiful and scenic location, it is a shame what happens when the pilgrimage season is over, because Adams peak goes from having a bunch of greenery to having a shit load of plastic. So remember, if you do ever climb, please don’t litter. Carry your junk with you until you find a dustbin.

  4. Best time to climb: Most people climb Adams Peak to catch a view of Sunrise which is out of this world (like most sunrise’s are if you learn to appreciate it). So, the best time to start climbing would be a little after midnight as it takes around 3-4 hours to climb. Sunrise in Sri Lanka is around 5:30-6:00 AM so starting a little after midnight will give you time to chill and catch your breath before the sun comes out to reveal the beauty that Adams Peak looks over.Adams Peak Sripada Sri Lanka
  5. What you should carry: You will need to carry your own food and water, especially if you decide on climbing during the off season. During the season time the trail up the mountain is usually bustling with stalls that have various eatables, so you’re pretty much set. Although the pricing might be a bit more that at an actual shop (mainly because people add a service charge for carrying stuff up the mountain). Adams Peak gets really cold during the night. It’s around 2000 ft above sea level so things can get chilly, especially during the end of the calendar year. so you need to have some sort of insulation to keep your bootay cosay. You need to carry a sleeping bag if you decide on spending the night at the summit. Staying overnight  might not be possible during the season time due to a large crowd making pilgrimage to Adams Peak.

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